Flex-Rail – Final Event Webinar
Paradigms and Railway 4.0 by 2050

As part of Shift2Rail and the European Year of Rail, the Flex-Rail project presented it’s final findings and recommendations on 30th June 2021.

  • 00:00:00 An overview of the Flex-Rail project work; Thomas H Zunder, Newcastle University;
  • 00:10:18 The work of the TER4RAIL sister project to Flex-Rail; Armando Carillo, EURNEX;
  • 00:42:19 The IMPACT-2 model for Shift2Rail; Ida Kristoffersson, VTI; Michael Meyer zu Hörste, DLR
  • 01:07:09 The modelling results of the Flex-Rail project; Ming Chen TNO and Marco Brambilla TRT;
  • 01:41:02 The recommendations of the Flex-Rail project for Governance, Research and Innovation; Thomas H Zunder, Newcastle University;
  • Note chapters in video correspond to the time codes above to jump to each presentation.
  • This meeting was recorded and distributed publicly. All contributions also comprised consent for distribution.
  • We thank ERRAC for hosting the webinar at the end of their plenary.


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