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The consortium was brought together to give FLEX-RAIL the maximum potential for meeting the call’s and project’s objectives, both in research and in future exploitation. The consortium is presented below as a diagram and gives an overview of what each consortium member brought to the FLEX-RAIL project. The consortium involved partners from four countries, Austria, Netherland, Italy and UK. The four partners consisted of an innovation and trend institute, an organisation for applied scientific research in transport and mobility, a consultancy, specialised in economics and transport planning and a university focused on responding to the major challenges facing society today. The consortium members were carefully selected to implement a very challenging plan that requires the efficient deployment of resources within 30 months.

All partners were active at the international level and have extensive experience of participation in EU projects. This composition of the project consortium ensured its ability to lead the project to successful conclusion and achieve far-reaching innovations on the European scale.


The backgrounds of the four consortium members complement each other thereby ensuring that all areas of the projects objectives are suitably covered with ample experience and expertise that will give accurate and feasible results.

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